Seminar of the NTUA (National Technical University of Athens) titled “Design and Construction of Pre-seismic reinforcement”

21 January 2010

• Shear Wall estimation based on earthquake displacement

• Shear Wall estimation based on reinforcement percentage (resistance)

• Preliminary design of shear walls in a new building

• Estimation of damages with the Push Over method

• Strengthening of existing building with new shear walls

• Calculation of plastic rotation with steel hardening

• Calculation of plastic hinge length and rotation

• Influence of the variation of the shear ratio on the plastic rotation

• Influence of the variation of the shear ratio in the length of plastic hinge

• Strengthening of footing by under excavation

• Foundation of new cores by slab on ground

• Embedment of  columns  and beams in the new core

• Embedment of existing footings in the new foundation

• Beam embedment in new shear wall, slab perforation

• Embedment of two adjacent columns and a beam into a new shear wall

• Connection of  a new elevator core with the story diaphragms

• Strengthening with cores grounded in two basements

• Strengthening of basement roof diaphragm

• New core foundation and connection to basement wall

Lecturer: Antonios P. Kanellopoulos

PDF available in Greek language

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