cubus engineering

ELEMENT – Formwork and Reinforcement Drawings-Bar Lists, 1999


• Bar Shapes after DIN 1356

• Creation of Special Bar Shapes

• Mulitiple Representation of Reinforcement Position

• Macros for Typical Details

• Automatic updating of the Representations

• Storing and Restoring of Details even in Different Drawings

• Bar Lists, Bill of Quantities

• Automatic Management of Reinforcement Position Numbers

• Different Representations of the Reinforcement Bars, Position Data and Connection Lines

• Data Exchange with STATIK-H, CEDRUS-B, LARIX-M

• Data Exchange with ARTIFEX-B, RXF-OUT, DXF-OUT

Authors: Antonios P. Kanellopoulos, Panayiotis A. Dimitrakopoulos

PDF available in Greek

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