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Earthquake Resistance and Strengthening of Structures

Selected Projects 1986-2019: • Transportation Projects • Sports Centers • Listed Buildings • Hospitals • Hotels • Educational Institutes • One or Two Family Houses • Multifamily buildings • Commercial Buildings • Industrial Projects

Engineering Projects

Selected Building Projects 1986-2017: • Hospitals • Airports • Athletic • Hotels • Public • Educational • Offices • Commercial • Residences • Logistics • Parkings

New Methods of Earthquake-Resistant Strengthening Design

SPME (Greek Society of Civil Engineers)
November 28, 2001
During the last 10 years, earthquake-resistant engineering has seen great progress. Concepts such as plasticity, energy absorption, non-elastic behaviour, seismic isolation have nowadays become familiar to a wider engineering audience, and are used in a large number of projects for the design of existing structures strengthening and the improvement of structural behaviour during earthquake …

Pre-Seismic Checking of Pilotis Columns

The program is used for the pre-seismic checking of pilotis columns. It is suitable for buildings that have reduced stiffness and resistance on the ground floor and do not have shear walls or cores …

ELEMENT – Formwork and Reinforcement Drawings-Bar Lists

• Bar Shapes after DIN 1356 • Creation of Special Bar Shapes • Mulitiple Representation of Reinforcement Position • Macros for Typical Details • Automatic updating of the Representations • Storing and Restoring of Details even in Different Drawings • Bar Lists, Bill of Quantities • Automatic Management of Reinforcement Position Numbers • Different Representations of the Reinforcement Bars, Position Data and Connection Lines • Data Exchange with STATIK-H, CEDRUS-B, LARIX-M • Data Exchange with ARTIFEX-B, RXF-OUT, DXF-OUT

Computer Solutions of Soil Mechanics Problems

December 1998
Within the framework of the courses “Embankments and Soil Dams” and “Special Problems in Foundations” taught in the 9th semester and” Earth Pressure-Anchoring-Retaining Walls” taught in the 7th semester of studies of the Department of Civil Engineering of the DUTH, the LARIX-3 soil mechanics program of the Swiss software company Cubus Hellas Ltd is presented …

STATIK-3/ST Student Edition

This manual describes and documents the world-famous STATIK program, that started 25 years ago at the Zurich Federal Technical University (ETH Zuerich) and was subsequently developed by the cubus company …