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Double 200x100m airplane Hangar, 42m high, for the Manama airport at the Kingdom of Bahrain

In 2011, cubus participated in the Design and Build Tender, making the full statics and earthquake resistant design of the Hangar, for the Terna Bahrain construction company.

Although Terna Bahrain was the lowest bidder, the award of the project was not completed.

The airplane Hangar is a steel structure with a total weight of approximately 8000-9000 tones, depending on the preferred solution, with or without a middle column at the entrance.

In the first case, we have two gates of 100m span each, serving two Boeing 747 airplanes, while in the second there is a single 200m span gate.

At the back there is a 5-storey building with service, office and mechanical equipment facilities, with warehouses and parking areas, which was designed as a composite steel construction.

The structure is founded on piles from concrete cast in situ in sandy soil.

The internal floor is constructed from reinforced concrete after vibratory compaction of the soil.

Inside the Hangar there are several bridge cranes and telescopic platforms, used to repair and dye aircraft, which are suspended from the roof.

The movement of gantry cranes imposes very severe restrictions on the relative displacements.

As a result, roofing is required to have very high stiffness.

The roof is made up of three-stringed and four-stringed trusses, with an opening of about 75 meters and a height of 5 meters.

The front pillars are trussed, while the rest are composite steel columns throughout their full height.

For fire protection purposes, fire-resistant cement slabs cover the pylons, all beams are coated with fireproof color and fire-resistant false ceilings are applied at the same time.



Kingdom of Bahrain

Akbari Architects

Terna Contracting WLL

Our Scope of Works
Tender, Preliminary Design

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