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It is a railway bridge with a total length of 560 meters and 17 spans, which serves as an overpass to a railway junction.

It belongs to the new high-speed railway line that connects Dammam with Jubail in Saudi Arabia and has a total length of 120 km.

It consists of the access bridges and the main central bridge.

The central bridge has three spans, 30, 80 and 30 meters in length each.

It is constructed as a continuous beam with an inverted, Π-shaped, cross section from post-tensioned concrete.

At the mid-span of 80 meters’ length, the cross-section is of varying height and forms an arch with a maximum radius of 9.50 meters in the middle.

The shape of the cross-section helped to achieve the minimum elevation of the “red line” in the central span and thus reduce the length of the access bridges.

Access bridges feature a total of 14 spans of 30 meters in length each, 9 on one side and 5 on the other.

They are constructed of pre-cast post tensioned reinforced concrete T-shaped beams “simply supported” with 2.5 meters’ height.

Due to the high traffic loads of the trains as well as the high speed, the bridges had to be very stiff to avoid vibrations oscillations.

The method of construction of the central bridge is very simple, since it allows the installation of scaffolds of about 10 meters’ height, directly on the ground.

The post-tensioning of the deck slab is both longitudinal and transverse and is applied in phases.

The compression part of the arch at the mid-span of the central bridge is built with reinforced concrete.

The two central pillars are integrally connected to the bridge, forming a reinforced concrete frame and they are founded on piles.

On the access bridges the pre-cast T-shaped beams are concreted in-situ.

These transverse beams, after being post-tensioned, are placed to their final positions on three direction elastic bearings.

The deck slab – made of reinforced concrete – is concreted in-situ and connects the T-shaped beams above the piers and as a result the bridge spans too, leaving an expansion joint every three spans.

The pillars of the access bridges are also founded on piles.

The aesthetics of the bridge have been highly appreciated by the engineering consultants of the owner.

Saudi Arabia


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Saudi Railway Company

cubus Engineering

CJV Terna – Alomaier

Our Scope of Works
Tender, Preliminary, Final Design

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