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Football Stadium, Serres

Football Stadium, Serres

The Project

Municipal football stadium in Serres, seat of the local football team, built in 1950 from reinforced concrete. After a detailed examination of the structural system by the Technological Educational Institute of Serres, low strength of the existing concrete, high degree of carbonation and reinforcement corrosion were found in many places. The evaluation of the existing one showed a deficiency against static and seismic loads.

The solution applied was to strengthen the frame girders of the grandstands and their columns by steel profiles that were frictionally connected to the reinforced concrete and interacted with it. Also bracings have been added, to increase the strength and rigidity of the support system against seismic loads.

The retrofitting work was carried out under operation. The dimensions of the steel elements required a high degree of precision to fit the existing geometry. In the rooms below the grandstands, which are mainly used as changing rooms and adjoining rooms, there were no serious interventions, apart from the perforations on the walls and the temporary removal of the suspended ceilings, where they were present. The steel columns were set up on existing foundations and strengthened with reinforced concrete, if necessary. 


In this project, cubus worked with TEI-Prof. Dr. D. Kakaletsis together.



Municipality of Serres



Our Scope of Works
Preliminary, Final Design, Construction Design

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