The Project

It is a large apartment complex which is the student home of the University of Volos. It is designed by architects Kokkinou and Kourkoula. The aim is to have spacious communal spaces on the ground floor and the basement.

The ground floor is transparent, giving visitors the feeling of being outdoors. It offers full views of the surrounding streets around the building and of the interior “atrium”.

The student compartments are located in the superstructure, extend to the two or three overlying floors and form standardized units.

In order to achieve this, our office has proposed the creation of an extensive ground floor roof slab, which is based on some vertical elements and can support these apartment blocks in an economical and safe way.

This is feasible if the two-storey or three-storey units are relatively small in weight and have increased stiffness so they are not deformable in an earthquake.

For the above reasons, we have proposed a composite structure with a lightweight metal frame and small thickness shotcrete walls, combined with the external thermal face.

The building is characterized by bold architectural conception, and by a bold load- bearing body respectively.

It has not yet been implemented, but it is an excellent example for addressing such complexes.




Kokkinou – Kourkoulas Architects & Associates


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