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Circului Park Tower, Underground Parking, Bucharest

Circului Park Tower, Underground Parking, Bucharest

The Project

Underground parking station in front of Circului Park Tower, Bucharest, a work of the architect Amon Ben Dor, of total area 3,300 m2, consisting of two basements and was foundet at a depth of 7.5 m, approximately at the water level and was designed and constructed with the method of Berlin type wall.
12m deep piles, with a diameter of 40cm were constructed at an 1m interval, and connected with a reinforced concrete beam 2.6m high and 52cm wide, on top. Steel hollow tubes Ø600 supported the beam laterally as compression struts. The struts were removed after the second basement slab was constructed.
The slabs and ramps are solid, 25cm thick, and supported by the peripheral and inner walls, as well as by Ø400 circular composite columns, in a steel tube, 5mm thick. The slabs lie on the columns through a concrete head, 2.4×2.4m and 50cm thick, against punching.
The car’s circulation within the building is almost free and the only thing that requires attention is the correct coloring and lighting of the columns, to avoid collision. The foundation slab is of variable thickness, 25 to 80cm thick.

Cubus has performed all phases of the design, from preliminary to final, as well as the design of the excavation’s walls.




Amon Ben Dor


Our Scope of Works
Preliminary, Final Design, Construction Design

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Project location

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