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Circului Park Tower, Bucharest

Circului Park Tower, Bucharest

The Project

A residential building in the center of Bucharest, designed by architect Amon Ben Dor. It consists of two underground levels, ground floor and fifteen more floors. It is located in front of a green park which features a beautiful lake. It has an unobstructed view of the city, as the buildings around it are of lesser height.

During the statics design, it was asked that the 140 apartments – housed in the building – to have as much view as possible and therefore there should be no vertical bearing elements on the outer perimeter. To that end, there were placed flat reinforced concrete walls, which were arranged “radially” around the center of the building’s plan view and were incorporated into the brick walls of the apartments.

The ground plan of the building is in the form of a “twisted quadrangle” with two right sides. Resistance to horizontal wind and earthquake loads is ensured by a central core, which is “fixed” into the “box” of the underground floors. The core consists of two closed “box-like” cross-sections from reinforced concrete, connected to each other at the levels of the floors. The reinforced concrete core hosts the stairwells and elevator shafts.

The foundation is a slab on soil of variable thickness, which is connected to the retaining peripheral wall in order to achieve complete “sealing” of the basement floors. The slabs have no beams inside the building and so there is great flexibility in the separation of the interior spaces.

The building is located in a highly seismic prone zone and furthermore it is based on a relatively soft ground. Thanks to the statics system of the core, which is “fixed” into the “underground” box, the building will exhibit very small relative displacements in case of an earthquake and will be absolutely safe.

Cubus performed all the stages of statics and earthquake-resistant design of the building as well as the design of the retaining structures during the excavation phase for the construction of the foundation and the basements.




Amon Ben Dor


Our Scope of Works
Preliminary, Final Design, Construction Design

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