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Project of apartment buildings in progress in Algeria. Multi-storey structures of 10 to 15 floors will form a residential complex and require a quick and economic erection. For this purpose, it was proposed by K. Zavliaris to be constructed with a special method of prefabrication. Apart from quality and architecture, they are demanded to be completely earthquake resistant, because they lie on a seismic area.


The proposed prefabrication method is based on the creation of high-strength concrete permanent formworks for all building elements, double panels, with insulation, filled in-situ with concrete. The slabs are also prefabricated, and the top layer is concreted on the spot.


This method leads to a load-bearing structure that has great resistance and stiffness to earthquake. It shows small movements, because it works fully as if it were monolithic.

Cubus did the full earthquake study to obtain the relevant permits from the Algerian authorities and approve this pre-fabrication system in order to build these multi-storey structures. Obviously, many modern techniques will be used during the construction of the connections between the prefabricated elements in order to avoid the presence of weak spots.


The project is expected to fully satisfy the owners in terms of economy, speed and construction safety.



BLUE Development

Kokkinou – Kourkoulas Architects & Associates

Dr. K. Zavliaris

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Preliminary, Final Design

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