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New building made of reinforced “fare faced” concrete, featuring lots of composite with steel profiles structural elements. It is located in a central suburb of Athens and consists of three underground levels used as parking spaces, a ground floor and 4 more storeys. Designed by architect Nikos Ktenas and published in many recognized magazines, it was awarded with the Greek Architecture Award of the years 2013-2017. This building constitutes an example of the modern architectural approach of the urban block of flats. It hosts three independent two-storey apartments in its interior and on the roof there is a small swimming pool. In addition, a wooden deck and pergola were constructed on the roof so that the tenants can enjoy the sun and the magnificent view of the urban landscape.

The main entrance leads to the “construction-free” space behind the building, which has been particularly taken care of architecturally. There, the “hovering” stairs of “fare faced” concrete that reaches the roof and the surrounding walls of “fare faced” concrete create a sculpture, elegant and harmonious.

The corner facade of the building is covered – on the exterior – with synthetic wood panels, which allow a random location of the openings and a play with the sunlight and the view from the interior.

The load-bearing structure, fully visible, is located mainly at the back of the building and is a polyhedral vertical “pleated” structure of reinforced concrete that also incorporates the lift. The slabs are of reinforced concrete, without beams. Their two rear sides are supported on the walls and their two front sides on thin steel columns, leaving the main, two sided, corner facade of the building fully open.

From the anti-seismic perspective, the building was given the utmost attention to eliminate possible earthquake-vulnerable spots. This was achieved by the use of composite structural elements. Structural steel profiles were either incorporated into reinforced concrete cross sections or were filled with concrete and properly connected to the reinforced concrete load-bearing structure.

The excavation of the underground was done by retaining the slopes with piles on which “post-tensioned” anchorages were applied. Initially, on the perimeter of the plot, pile holes were made, the steel profiles of the piles were placed and, as the excavation proceeded, the “post-tensioned” anchors were applied to them.





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Preliminary, Final Design, Construction Design, Site Supervision

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