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Apartment Building in Elefsis, Athens

Apartment Building in Elefsis, Athens

The Project

New reinforced concrete apartment building in Elefsina Attica. It consists of basement, ground floor and three overlaying floors. 

It hosts a shop on the ground floor and residences on the other levels. Archaeological finds were discovered at the beginning of the excavations.

This necessitated the modification of the original statics design, in order to construct frames that would bridge the underground locations of the findings.

These frames would allow the construction of the appropriate foundation and ground floor slab, without causing any damage or alteration to the antiquities.

All the archaeological findings have been highlighted and made visible from the ground floor with glass areas on the ground floor slab.

The frame-“bridges” that were constructed gave the building a special aesthetic.



Linardos Brothers Ltd

Evaggelos Linardos

Linardos Brothers Ltd

Our Scope of Works
Final Design, Construction Design

Characteristic images

Project location

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