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Existing, seaside building hosting residences and shops, at the marina of Corfu town. It is built from reinforced concrete, in 2002 and it consists of a ground floor with a loft (mezzanine), three floors and a roof. When the building’s construction was coming to its completion, it suffered “differential settlements”, due to the constant pumping of water during the construction of the pile’s foundation of the adjacent building.

The intervention proposed and implemented in order to stop the “settlements”, was to strengthen the existing slab foundation (radier) by constructing “micro” piles 14 meters long, underneath it. The “micro” piles were made from hollow steel tubes, filled with cement mortar. Due to the support of the foundation slab on the “micro” piles, steel “stripe”-shaped plates were arranged as additional slab reinforcement on the upper side of the foundation slab.

Fortunately, the height of the ground floor was enough to allow the drilling of the “micro” piles. The work was completed in a very short time and the result was the interruption of further differential settlements. Then the construction of the adjacent, neighboring building was completed.

Corfu Isle




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Preliminary, Final Design, Construction Design, Site Supervision

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