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It is a heritage-listed building in the center of Athens, consisting of a basement, a ground floor and a loft, 1st and 2nd floor and a roof.

The building is renovated and has its use changed: the ground floor is converted into a shop and 2 apartments are formed on each floor, 4 apartments in total.

The building was built in the 1930s with load-bearing masonry and reinforced concrete slabs.

The underground and the ground floor are built with stone masonry and the floors are built with brickwork.

The slabs are partially supported on beams and partially on masonry.

Inside the building there are also some “slender” reinforced concrete columns that support the beams.

The strengthening method provides that the masonry of the building is turned into a reinforced masonry by applying all the required reinforcement along its height and a layer of high strength cement mortar – about 7 cm thick – fully attached on the walls.

The mortar is a high-performance C90-grade cement mortar and is self-compacting and non-shrinking.

The mortar is applied to the interior of all perimeter walls as well as to the main bearing wall, which is located inside the building.

On the building’s roof, a new slab is concreted over the existing one and is fully attached to it and to the vertical concrete jackets of the walls.

This creates a concrete “box” with vertical and horizontal diaphragms, which offer the required stiffness, rigidity and resistance against static and seismic loads.

The building’s beams and the columns are strengthened by the application of steel-sheet jackets connected around them.

The wooden staircase and the windows are repaired and replaced.

The interior and exterior decoration is completely restored.




Delenco Estate

Makis Delenikas

Delenco Estate

Our Scope of Works
Preliminary, Final Design, Construction Design, Site Supervision

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