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The One Day Surgery Clinic “N. Kourkoulos” is an oncology hospital and the first clinic in Greece where patients undergo an operation and are hospitalized for one day. It is a donation from Mrs. Marianna Latsi and belongs to the Hellenic National Health System.

It consists of two buildings of a total area of 4000m2. 1000m2 were completely reconstructed after segmental demolition of the old structure.

Two new cores were constructed and connected to the existing buildings. Their connection with the existing buildings through chemical anchors is particularly important, as well as the interconnection of the two existing buildings with post tensioned steel rods.

Thus, the whole building behaves as a single structure in an earthquake, showing increased stiffness and strength.

Each of the two new cores, hosting staircases and large elevator shafts for the transport of patients, is based on a foundation slab connected to the existing foundations. One core is founded on the first basement level and the other on the third, at a depth of 10m.

From the old building, only a part of the existing reinforced concrete framework was retained, with an area of approximately 3000m2

One hundred of the existing columns were strengthened through jacketing.

Apart from the structural earthquake resistant design, cubus also performed the architectural design in close collaboration with the technical direction and the doctors of the St. Savvas Oncology Clinic, who set the fundamental requirements and standards for this special project.

The construction was completed within 20 months due to the urgent need to re-establish the hospital.



Anticancer Hospital “Saint Savvas”, Donation A.M.L. Latsi

Cubus Hellas – Dr. A. Kanellopoulos, Th. Kourkouvela

Achileas Techniki SA, Teodomi SA

Our Scope of Works
Preliminary, Final Design, Construction Design, Site Supervision

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