The Project

This is the transformation of a buildings’ complex – belonging to a small industry, built in the 1950s – into a Health Center.

It has been a difficult undertaking both for its architectural redesign, as well as for the upgrading of both its static bearing ability and earthquake-resistance, in order to serve the new purpose and function.

The existing buildings were made of stone masonry and brickwork.

The proposed and implemented, statics solution, provided for the walls to turn into load-bearing structural elements, of higher strength, sufficient to undertake both static vertical loads and seismic horizontal loads, by means of an internal “mantle” of shotcrete, which has the appropriate steel reinforcement.

At the support points of the beams of the wooden-roof, “hidden” columns were built, incorporated in the shotcrete “mantle”.

The construction was fast, economical and safe and the result was very satisfactory, without affecting the rural architecture and style of the existing structures.



Greek National Health Care System


Office ’75 Architects

Edrasis SA

Our Scope of Works
Preliminary, Final Design, Construction Design

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