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“ABB” Office & Warehouse Complex, Thermi, Thessaloniki

“ABB” Office & Warehouse Complex, Thermi, Thessaloniki

The Project

Office building in Thermi, Thessaloniki, on the road that connects the city with the airport, a well-known multinational electrical equipment company, ABB, the work of architect Nikos Ktenas. It is a benchmark for minimal architecture in commercial buildings.


The project is designed to create very large, open office spaces, which have plenty of natural lighting, tuned with blinds. The masonry is entirely of dry construction. It was supposed to be built in a very short time and to work for the needs of the business.


Its shape is perfectly geometric. It consists of extensive underground reinforced concrete, which serves as parking and storage, while the superstructure is made of metal. The ground floor is partially open, in pilotis form, and there are 2 floors in one building while the other has only one.


The body of the superstructure of the building is metallic, with composite slabs and crossed joints that give it strength and stiffness against wind and seismic loads. On the ground floor the stiffness is imparted by oblique struts, while on the floors there are meshed walls and cores symmetrically to avoid rotational oscillations. Particular attention has been paid to the dimensioning of metallic connections, so as not to be the weak link in the event of an earthquake, as well as to premature buckling of metallic elements. The stables on the ground floor are invested precisely in their shape and create a wonderful architectural effect. Once again it turns out that the logic of the forms should be visible.



ABB Comercial SA

Nikos Ktenàs Architecture


Our Scope of Works
Preliminary, Final Design, Construction Design, Site Supervision

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