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"4 Seasons" Hotel, Bahrain

“4 Seasons” Hotel, Bahrain

The 4 Seasons Hotel, designed by SOM | Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, is situated on an artificial island in Bahrain Bay. It is 201m high and is made of reinforced concrete with a pile foundation.

Apartment Building, Algeria; Wohngebäude, Algerien; Πολυκατοικία, Αλγερία

Apartment Building, Algeria

Condominium complex in Algeria, with basement, ground floor and 5 floors. On the ground floor there are shops, on the floors residences, while the basement has a parking space.

"Day Tower", Office Building, Bucharest; "Day Tower", Bürogebäude, Bukarest; "Day Tower", Κτίριο γραφείων, Βουκουρέστι

“Day Tower”, Office Building, Bucharest

New, multi-storey building in the center of Bucharest, Romania, whose construction was completed in 2017. A corner, a free-standing building on Unirii Boulevard, next to the Palace of Justice, a building of special visibility.

Family House, Varkiza, Athens; Familienhaus, Varkiza, Athen; Μονοκατοικία, Βάρκιζα, Αθήνα

Family House, Varkiza, Athens

Luxurious, family-run residence of approximately 800m2, in neoclassical style, consisting of basement, ground floor and 2 storey’s.

Shop Building, Ermou, Volos; Geschäftsgebäude, Ermou, Volos; Κτίριο Καταστημάτων, Ερμού, Βόλος

Shop Building, Ermou, Volos

Existing two-storey building, built in the 30’s, in the center of Volos, in the busiest commercial area, on Ermou street.

"Organizer Stores", Bucharest

“Organizer Stores”, Bucharest

Existing office and warehouse building on the national road, Metamorfosi, Attica, consists of two independent reinforced concrete buildings, separated by an expansion joint, with two basement levels, ground floor and two floors.

"IST Studies" Private College, Athens

“IST Studies” Private College, Athens

The IST Studies Private University Building in Athens has an area of 15000m2 in three levels and resulted from five existing reinforced concrete frames, through complete redesign – reconstruction and seismic strengthening.

Olympic Velodrom, OAKA, Athens

Olympic Velodrom, OAKA – Athens

The OAKA Olympic Velodrome was constructed for the 2004 Athens Olympics. In addition to the grandstands and the service rooms below them, it also features…

House Complex, Ekali, Athens

House Complex, Ekali, Athens

Complex of three luxury residences, in one of the most beautiful parts of Attica, on the verdant slope of Ekali, on a sloping ground, from which the construction of the two was preceded.

Cement Additives Storage 40.000 tn, AGET Heracles Volos Plant

Cement Additives Storage 40.000 tn, AGET Heracles Volos Plant

Steel construction hall in the Heracles plant of the Lafarge Group in Volos, which covers the raw materials of additives for cement production. A project that is required for the storage of around 40,000 tones of additives, as well as the protection of the environment from dust.